The young Designer Joseph Guerra who recently completed his degree in Furniture Design at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)created the "Oaxaca case," as a part of his thesis. This fabulous briefcase made with polypropylene sheet with laser cuthave multiple uses and applications and by utilizing a sheet material, living hinges and snaps, the product can be flat packed and shipped to either the retailer or the user and easily assembled.
Guerra's designs, focuses lies in designing useful objects, simplicity and beauty but maintaining aspects of accessibility.  

"The briefcase is an archetype with connotations of luxury and gentrification. This polypropylene case references the material and formal language of generic shopping baskets from grocery stores, which is where the pattern on this case is derived from. I redefined the typology of the briefcase through material and production technique. I glorified plastic and the archetype of the generic plastic shopping basket so that this object would communicate the notion of unexpected value. The shopping basket exists as exactly what it needs to be and it does so in an efficient way and then I elevated this efficiency through the language of the briefcase. Choosing to reference this generic object allowed me to thoughtfully engineer new substance and significance into the briefcase, making the object appeal to the user in a more sophisticated way. This mix of the generic and the sophisticated results in a multiplex of uses. This bag could be brought to an interview or you could bring it to the beach."

Special thanks to Joseph Guerra-
Check out more of his works http://www.josephguerra .com/

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