I had a lot of expectation to do this article, finally it’s here:  Special Skull.
The human skull, an obvious and frequent symbol of death is found in many cultures and religious traditions. It has also been a mark that we associate with secret societies, toxic substances and pirates.  According to subculture mythology the skull is a symbol of  death defiance. As the popularity of the skull image started to spread amongst teenagers during the early 80s, it became  a symbol of teen violence, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity and other behaviors, for example,  it’s still popular in the heavy metal and punk culture, which created a merchandise empire out of badges, t-shirts and flags. Today skull iconography no longer belong solely to these urban tribes, but it also has spread strongly as an icon in the environment of art, design, fashion, etc.
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This beautifully delicate crania anatomica filigre by artist Joshua Harker are intricate 3D printed skull sculptures. Harker relies heavily on 3D modeling and printing technologies to create his complex, anatomically-themed sculptures.


Katsuyo Aoki is a japanese sculptor, use porcelain to create her skulls sculpture, that look like they could be made of coral.  Absolutely beautiful!!!

Sthephan Balleux - Bullet proof's anatomy drawing installation.

Michael Leon make these skull inspired by his graphic drawings of the scull back in 2005, he has now created these sculptures.  They are hand sculpted and limited to 100 of each. 

Lego skull, 2008 - Noah Scalin project, owner of the web Skull-A-Day in collaboration with engineer Clay Morrow. 

 Inspired by recent LEGO stuff like Skull Tower and Space Skulls. Source: by Puddleglum.

 Graphic designer from Brasil, Beto Janz, made these sculture of recovery of broken skateboards.

Spanish artist Eugenio Merino, explores the current interrelationship between art, activism, and politics with a controversial vision, reflected in his sculptures, paints, etc.

The artist calling himself Jim skull creates intricate sculptures of his namesake: skulls. using a variety of different materials, the new caledonia-born artist uses the skull form as his means of expression.

Damien Hirst, British artist who did the most expensive piece of Contemporary Art with diamond-encrusted skull, entitled “For the Love of God.”

Dustin Yellin born in Los Angeles. Yellin’s artworks are based on an accumulative process of painting and collaging on multiple layers of glass, creating three-dimensional forms.

After Life, an exhibition of pieces from the Skull-A-Day project


I made this gif  to show you a fragment of an amazing motion graphics piece from UPPER FIRTS, that combined creative visuals and electro music, to create a music video for the up-and-coming Swedish artist Mille. UPPER FIRST is a studio aimed at producing visual FX, motion graphics and film for the growing digital and new media market. Direction and Production: Upper First /  Photographer: David Einar / Music: Mille.

Argentinian artist Nico Sara, his works are characterized by the limit between craftsmanship and technology,  the background invades and delimits, produces a void that both isolates and holds the figure.

The Book of Skulls presents a cool visual guide to the skull, charting its rebirth through music and street fashion to become today’s ultimate anti-establishment icon.

Erin’s process is one of deconstruction. She extracts letters from journals of automatic writing, then digitally prints them, and hand draws it all onto paper.
The magnificent artwork which emerges from this process brings a whole new dimension to the meaning of the letters and words transcribed. The detail and intricacy in Erin’s work is mind boggling. Link: Erin Smith

The Stockholm based graphic designer Daniel Bjugård has made it his mission to explore new materials and printing techniques. The poster “Sweet Dreams” is designed with a self made raster and screen printed with phosphorescent ink that will glow long after your nightlight is switched off!